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Grasping onto that beautiful long hair.

I find myself in this space of in-betweens.

Yearning to get out.

Nothing is keeping me in but i am stuck in this void.

It is safe enough, this in between. I am unable to survive past the threshold.

Resolution feels like a fleeting idea placing gapping holes in my journey.

If I become too compliant I get stuck but if I move too far I fall.

Your looming presence has just became a constant and after a while I just gave up trying to find my way out of the grasp of the memory.

I was able to ignore it and that eerie comfort served me.

But I no longer want to feel like a stranger to myself.

This body.

I want to feel at home again in the vessel that you took away.

I tried to look back and grasp at that body slipping away but I could no longer recognize her features.

I see her over there waiting in the corner slowly gliding into the darkness I walked through.

Just One foot at a time with a hand prepared to rebound. 

-Alicia Steeves

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